Adult Services

Adult Protection – Disabled adults are vulnerable to abuse, neglect, and exploitation. Reports are received and evaluated to determine whether disabled adults age 18 and older are in need of protective services and what services are needed.  

Adult Protective Services

Guardianship – Individuals who are mentally incompetent and cannot make responsible decisions concerning their personal care and / or finances are often appointed a legal guardian by the Clerk of Court.

Guardianship Services

Special Assistance In-Home -- Low-income individuals who are at risk of entering a residential facility such as an adult care home or supervised living group home but would like to remain at home are provided an alternative if they can live at home safely with additional support services and income.

Special Assistance In-Home Services

Adult Care Home Licensing and Monitoring Services – Licensing and monitoring family care homes, adult care homes, assisted living facilities and adult day care / health center for compliance with state / federal rules and regulations.   

Foster Care Services for Adults