Non-North Carolina Permitted Food Trucks

Food trucks permitted in a state other than North Carolina may operate in Polk County, NC assuming all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Must notify Polk County Health and Human Services Agency 14 days prior to establishing operations in Polk County, NC. (Click Here to Notify Office or call 828-894-3739).
  2. Must have Proof of Current and Valid Permit from the state they are permitted in.
  3. Must have Proof of an Inspection within the 12 months prior to operating, must reflect a passing score.
  4. Must have proof that the commissary is approved by the permit for resupply.

  • If the above conditions are not able to be met Food Truck Vendors may request a Temporary Food Establishment Permit by clicking HERE or calling 828-894-3739.
  • Any Food Truck in operation in Polk County, NC may be inspected by an agency Health Inspector at any time it is operating.
  • Non-North Carolina Permitted Food Trucks operating without meeting the above conditions will be asked to immediately cease operations.