Fire Alarm Registration

Polk County False Alarm Ordinance

 On July 16, 2007 the Polk County Board of Commissioners at the request of the Polk County Chiefs' Association adopted a Fire Alarm Ordinance. The purpose of the Ordinance is to encourage Owners and Alarm Businesses to properly use and maintain the operational effectiveness of their Alarm Systems in order to Improve the reliability of Fire Alarm Systems and reduce or eliminate False Fire Alarms and Nuisance Fire Alarms. This Ordinance governs monitor Fire Alarm Systems intended to summon fire personnel and requires registration.

 Registration of all monitor fire alarms in Polk County shall be done prior to the Fire Alarm System being put into operation. The Fire Alarm Registration Form can be accessed at the links below.

Fire Alarm Ordinance

 Alarm Registration Form (Word Document)

 Alarm Registration Form (PDF)