Food and Nutrition

Food and Nutrition Services is a federal program that provides a monthly allotment of Food Stamp benefits issued via Electronic Benefit Transfer cards (ATM cards). The Food Stamp Program is an entitlement program, so all eligible individuals and households can receive assistance. Food Stamp benefits may be used to purchase most foods at participating authorized (FNS) retailers.

Items that may not be purchased with food stamps include:

  • tobacco
  • pet food
  • paper products
  • soap products
  • alcoholic beverages
Want to know which stores in our area accept Food Assistance Benefits? USDA has created this retailer locator to help you find retailers that welcome SNAP EBT customers. Click the "Select Location" button and enter a starting location. Click a map point to get details and directions. Click "En Español" to view the page in Spanish.
Polk County Farmer's Markets accept SNAP EBT cards.