Laughter Pond


NC 108, Mill Spring

Laughter Pond is a county-owned pond open to public fishing with a fishing pier. The pond is stocked by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission each year between April and October. See the stocking schedule below.laughter pond

Stocking Schedule

Laughter Pond generally receives several thousand channel catfish each year. Each stocking event takes place the first week of every month between May and October, with about 700 fish each time. The target size for those fish is 8-12 inches. 

 A fishing license is required to fish at the pond. They can be purchased at McGuinn's in Sunny View, Tim Edwards Landscaping in Mill Spring, Pace General Store in Saluda, Silver Creek Campground, and Foothills Gun Gallery in Columbus. 

How much does a fishing license cost? Click here for the rates per the NC Wildlife Commission.

Visiting Laughter Pond? Please abide by the following rules:

  • No swimming or wading (humans or pets).
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed on park property.
  • Vehicles are restricted to designated roads and parking only.
  • Dirt bikes, mini-bikes, and ATVs are prohibited.
  • No littering or dumping: please dispose of bait bins, beverage containers, and cigarette butts in a trash can.
  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.
  • Pet waste must be collected and deposited in an appropriate receptacle.
  • No weapons or firearms allowed on park property.
  • No hunting allowed on park property.
  • No fires or camping allowed on park property.