2023 Schedule
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Preschool Park Playtime & Homeschool Park Playtime 

Park Playtimes will return in September. Enjoy your summer!

What is the schedule?
The first hour will be structured play and the second hour will be free playground play. During the colder months please ensure children are dressed appropriately for outdoor fun.

What about my special needs child?
Let us know ahead of time, and feel free to come early and check things out. When we are indoors, the group games are very loud, and the gym echoes quite a bit, but we will do our best to adapt the games and help your child enjoy themselves as much as possible.

Please reserve your spot ahead of time!
All we ask is that you come ready to listen and play! Please bring a water bottle and wear sneakers and comfortable clothes; flip flops, sandals, boots, etc. are discouraged. Feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.

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