Polk County Parks, Recreation and Maintenance staff members will serve the community's needs with the partnership of YMCA Staff.

The year-round staff members are:
Mickey Edwards, Parks, Recreation and Maintenance Director

Laura Baird, Recreation Coordinator

Jason Jolley, Parks Coordinator 

Lourdes Gutierrez, Recreation Assistant 

The YMCA of Greater Spartanburg Staff are:
Letoya Twitty, Youth and Family Programming Director

Atticus Fehl, District Executive Director

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The Recreation Advisory Board is appointed by the Polk County Board of Commissioners and serves to advise the Recreation Department and the county on community recreation needs and the operations of the department.

There are up to 9 members on the board which meets most months at 6:00 on the second Monday. Please call the Recreation Department at 828-894-8199 to confirm the date and time. The meetings are open to the public.

Current Board Members:

1. Paul Beiler - Commissioner
2. Billy Alm
3. Laura Lynch
4. Joanna Martinez
5. Matt Mullet
6. Nicki Tillotson
7. Michelle Saucier
8. Michelle Meissner
9. Roberto Stragioiti
10.Angie Peña