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If you need plotter sized maps, special project work done, new data layers created or anything else GIS related
Please click
HERE and fill out the request form best you can giving as much detail as possible.
Our GIS Administrator will get in touch with you and assist you.

SALUDA RESIDENTS: If you live within the city limits of Saluda NC., you should already be aware of the major re-addressing project recently undergone. A very large portion of addresses were changed. As of 7/19/2023, those new addresses have replaced old addresses here as well as within our Polk County 911 Communications department.
Any mistakes found, any questions, any input should be directed to the Saluda City Manager

Parcels, Streets and Addresses are now updated IMMENSELY faster than before.
As before, if you have issues with the way PARCELS are drawn or the information within the tables... 
please contact the tax office at (828) 894-8500.
I can not, will not, edit Parcels without authorization from the Tax Office.


LAND/MUD slide information:
In 2018 Polk County experienced multiple land/mud slides due to extreme amounts of rainfall within relative short periods causing a fatality in addition to property damages etc. The North Carolina Geological Survey with the Department of Environmental Quality and the Division of Energy, Minerals and Land Resources is tasked with tracking such movements and has published a WEBSITE for those interested in this data for considerations of planning, land purchases, construction etc.

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For any questions, concerns or suggestions please feel free to contact:
David Weisgerber, GISP