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Polk County Divisions of Social Services and Economic Services team members work to assist families and individuals by helping them maintain and / or enhance their quality of life and to prevent abuse, neglect and exploitation of vulnerable people in the community as we administer services and public assistance programs in a timely, effective and professional manner.

Notice of Your Rights Under Hawkins v. Cohen
Notice of Your Rights Under Hawkins v. Cohen (Spanish)

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Click here for 5 Protective Factors of Child abuse Prevention

Every child deserves to wake up to a loving family, play in a safe community,
and fall asleep with a smile as they dream about the wonders of tomorrow.

(Prevent Child Abuse North Carolina)



 Contact Information
231 Wolverine Trail      
Mill Spring, NC 28756 
Social and Econmoic Services: 828-894-2100
Child Support Services: 828-250-6340
8:30-5:00 Monday - Friday   
After Hours Emergencies -- (828) 894-0187